college funding

Ep 13: What Do Your Taxes, FAFSA, and Retirement Savings Have In Common?

Do you have all your ducks in a row when it comes to securing college funding? How can you leverage your investments?

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Ep 10: Common Questions About College Applications and Scholarships

What kinds of questions do students often ask as they apply for colleges? What do you need to know ahead of time? Join us as we discuss the different questions that typically arise and how students should approach the process.

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Ep 1: Why The Business of College Funding?

We thought the best way to launch the new podcast would be to explain the mission behind the business. We’ve learned from personal experience that the list of challenges parents have to face when funding their child’s college tuition is lengthy. Today we’ll identifying the reasons why we’re in this business and how we hope to help you get through this major financial event.

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