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What does it mean to be successful? How do you get there?

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Show Notes For This Episode

As schools start back up and hints of fall are upon us, we have an opportunity to reflect and look ahead for the coming school year. What does it mean to have a successful year? What would it mean to be a leader?

A lot of times, students will do the least that they can to check the box off. When you have the heart of a servant, you truly want to serve. What does it look like if you get involved and connect with others? What kind of impact could that have, not just on you but on your community and the world?

What does it look like to go the extra mile? Have you developed the skill of going beyond what’s expected? You have greatness inside, but what do you need to develop that greatness? How can you translate that greatness to success?

Consider your goals for college. Instead of aiming toward a degree, you should be working toward a career path. A career looks beyond the classes you took, but the overall person and leader you’ve become. How have your experiences and skills been leveraged and developed to steer you toward success?

Listen to the entire episode or click on the timestamps below to skip to a particular segment.

[1:01] – High schools and colleges have started back up.

[1:36] – How is success measured?

[2:32] – Why is it important for students to consider leadership and service?

[6:27] – Once you get into college, is there a push to do service?

[7:19] – What is the value of helping others?

[9:10] – If a teacher gives you an optional assignment, what do you do?

[10:12] – Jeff shares inspirational quotes from a few famous people.

[11:18] – What type of income do you want to have when you get out of school?

[12:55] – What does mentoring mean for our students?

Quotable Moment:

“We are more interested in career development than we are degree path. It’s great to go to college, but college is ultimately not about a degree, it’s about a career.

-Jeff Walters