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How has COVID impacted your college choices? What will happen to financial aid opportunities and college funding? Let’s talk about what has changed in 2020.

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Show Notes For This Episode

We’re all a bit tired of hearing about COVID-19, but like it or not, it could have a major impact on college futures of high school students. How do you make a decision when searching for the right school without being able to visit? Today on the podcast we want to talk about what has occurred in our new normal.

For instance, Harvard has decided to go virtual but continues to charge full price for tuition. Another example a bit closer to home is UNC-Chapel Hill with plans originally to have students come back in person this fall. That lasted only a matter of days following several outbreaks before reverting to virtual learning and sending the students back home. Unfortunately, it’s only going to become more complicated.

Consider the possibilities. Choosing a school may now include considering the risk factor of COVID to you and your family. What ramifications has COVID already had on students? As incoming college freshman have deferred, what does that mean for high school seniors?

When it comes to financial aid, what opportunities are available? How does college football and college basketball being cancelled in 2020 impact that? Without this revenue source for schools, what scholarships are potentially available? How might college costs raise following a vaccine?

Do you know how you should approach college funding strategically? Do you have the resources and partnerships in place to take advantage of the opportunities available? Working with the right people can make a significant difference in finding the right college fit and the right financial plan.

[1:17] – How do students find the right schools amidst COVID?

[4:40] – What happens if…?

[6:35] – What ramifications has COVID-19 had so far?

[7:49] – What might happen with financial aid?

[9:39] – Are you planning to rely on student loans?

[11:04] – What will college cost after a vaccine?

[12:37] – How much do Jeff’s clients receive in financial aid?

Quotable Moment:

It is more important now, than ever, to choose the right school.

-Jeff Walters