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How can you better plan for college? How has COVID changed things when it comes to college for the upcoming college freshman and upcoming college senior? Darren Rose joins us today to discuss this process and help you get prepared during these unprecedented times.

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Show Notes For This Episode

On today’s episode of the ABC’s of College Funding, we get the chance to talk with Darren Rose. Darren is passionate about helping every child who wants to go to college get there. The planning process is key to making it happen.

With the addition of COVID, there’s a lot that we don’t know ahead of time as we find a new normal. Colleges are changing their plan on everything from remote learning to test scores. What will have a tremendous impact on upcoming college freshman and high school seniors?

Due to all of the changes of 2020, a lot of colleges and high schools are going virtual. Some students are choosing to defer their enrollment in college. What does that mean for the 2021-2022 school year? How does remote learning further complicate things for school guidance counselors? What can you do to get personalized attention as you approach your college decisions?

A personal coach can help you with finding:

  • Right school for the right reasons
  • Right path for your career
  • Way through the decision-making process
  • How to get in to the college of your choice
  • How to get accepted and get the right financial aid package

What does your three-year audition of high school lead up to when applying to colleges? What are colleges looking for when accepting a student? It’s not about just packing in as many extracurriculars in as you can, it’s about finding the best way to audition for a college in a way that is doable. More than just a strong GPA, you need to show you are well-rounded. What kind of passions do you exhibit? What leadership do you show? Do you articulate your plan well?

Listen to the entire episode to hear more or click on the timestamps below to skip to a particular segment.

[1:06] – Introducing Darren Rose to the podcast.

[2:29] – How has COVID impacted the college planning process?

[5:40] – Guidance counselors are overwhelmed.

[7:15] – How can you get personalized attention?

[10:47] – What are colleges looking at when accepting a student?

[14:34] – What should upcoming high school seniors be aware of?

Quotable Moment:

“Have that game plan, that road map, that we talk about all the time of knowing, “I’m going after a career path, not a major path.” There’s a huge difference between going into a major and going into a career.”

-Jeff Walters