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What does a student services coordinator do? Why is it important for high school students to have a plan going into college? Nicole shares her experience and how it directly relates to her new role on the team.

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Show Notes For This Episode

Today on the ABC’s of College Funding we talk with our new student services coordinator, Nicole LaGrange. She shares her personal experience and insights to what students need to know as they prepare for and attend college–ultimately in pursuit of a career path.

Nicole’s job is to make sure that your students’ resumes are prepared for college, from volunteer activities to business leadership opportunities. One way students can volunteer right now is through, hosting a back-to-school shoe drive for Samaritan’s Feet locally in Charlotte on August 12-14.

One of the things that drew Nicole to working with Community Educational Funding was the ability to work with students to set up a game plan for college. She shares her experience in high school and transitioning into college before later realizing she wanted to transfer. Do you know what is needed before going into college? Not every school is the right fit for every student. When you do a school visit, what should you really be looking for?

After arriving to freshman year of college, Nicole struggled with the learning style, class size, and feel of the large university she attended. She then transferred and ultimately graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English. But in hindsight, she didn’t feel like she would have chosen that major had she instead considered what kind of career she wanted. Are you choosing a major or a career path? 

Believe it or not, college is not for everyone! Some students are better suited with a different path or some careers require a different form of training. Working to formulate a plan to determine whether or not college is right will enable you to better understand what is ahead.

Listen to the entire episode to hear more or skip to a particular segment by using the timestamps below.

[1:17] – Introducing our new student services coordinator, Nicole.

[2:14] – In our new COVID world, what does student activities look like?

[5:43] – What are the long-term goals of Community Educational Funding?

[7:10] – Who is Nicole? What is her background?

[8:42] – What does a guidance counselor do or not do?

[10:21] – What happens when you realize you picked the wrong school?

[11:44] – What do some students choose a college based on?

[13:14] – What was Nicole’s initial college experience like?

[15:31] – What changed after she transferred?

[16:42] – College isn’t for everyone.

Quotable Moment:

“There are some students have no business going into college because it’s not their forte. They would be better suited in trade skills or the military or the workforce. We don’t believe every student needs to go to college.”