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The Community Educational Funding team added a new member of the team and we wanted to introduce her to you. Today you’ll meet Joni Rametta, who has more than 30 years in financial planning and brings her own personal learning experiences to the college funding arena.

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Show Notes For This Episode

We’re excited to announce that the team expanded recently and added another talented and passionate member to the business.

Joni Rametta joins College Educational Funding as an investment advisor and what better way to welcome her in than bringing her on the podcast. This is the perfect platform to allow her to open up about her experiences as a parent trying to pay for college and expound on her background as a financial advisor. That’s the plan for part one of this two-part episode on the ABC’s of College Funding podcast.

As you’ll hear more about, Rametta brings more than 30 years experience as a financial advisor and added numerous credentials along the way.

The reason she’s making the move into this specific area of planning is personal. The reality of college tuition hit her like it does most parents and she learned many lessons from being unprepared with the high costs of sending a child to school. She wants to make sure that other parents are in a much better position than she was and that’s why we’re excited to have her.

Some come along as we give her the floor and discuss the realities of college funding that parents will have to face and areas that are important to her.

Listen to the full episode or click on the timestamps below to hear more about choosing the right major.

[0:39] – Introducing our new investment advisor,

[1:19] – Her background and why this college funding space.

[3:14] – Families just aren’t prepared for this major expense.

[4:47] – Parents assume good grades means scholarships.

[6:01] – The licenses and credentials Joni carries.

[8:09] – Full service college process.

[9:58] – Now is the time to evaluate and make decisions.

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