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This new normal for college planning will change a lot of the decisions you make and few will have the importance of picking the major you pursue. This choice will impact everything from which school you attend to what career path you follow, but student often go off to college without much consideration for their major. Today we’ll talk about what conversations you should be having and why this decision is so critical for your future.

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Show Notes For This Episode

As we move into the summer and closer to another school year, there are many uncertainties about the way college will look during this pandemic. So many things are out of your control, which makes it even more important to control what you can.

Maybe the most important part of college planning that you can be proactive on is choosing a major. It’s a huge choice and one that most students have to change over the course of their college career. A school that’s local to our office shared the stat that 80% of their students will change majors at least one time. It might not be that high everywhere, but it goes to show you how common it is.

This can create multiple problems for the student so it’s important to take the right approach to this decision. Parents shouldn’t assume that school counselors are able to have detailed discussions with every student so have an honest conversations about career paths with your child. Find out where they want to be and how they intend to get there.

Too often we see people that are applying for jobs that have no relation to their major. All that time spent to earn that degree didn’t position them in the way they expected after graduation. The other problem you run into is winding up at a school that isn’t the best fit for what you want to study. Why would you attend a much more expensive school to earn the same degree you could have achieved at another school that lines up with your needs at a more affordable cost?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a major and it’s part of the work we do with students in our office. Find out what questions we ask and how we help you reach the best decisions for your family.

Listen to the full episode or click on the timestamps below to hear more about choosing the right major.

[0:42] – We’re in Sarasota, Florida, this week.

[1:16] – A lot of people evaluating college choices differently now because of COVID-19.

[2:57] – Ask yourself this question when choosing a college.

[3:45] – Let’s start with choosing a major.

[4:38] – We recently went through a hiring process. Here’s what we found from applicants.

[5:37] – Majors might not give you as much flexibility in a career path as you believe.

[7:54] – Have a real conversation about career goals with your child early on.

[9:13] – The questions we ask students.

[11:46] – Getting in and getting out

[13:08] – Multiple ways we work with students and help them through the process.

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