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With COVID-19, things have really started to shift when it comes to college planning. From standardized testing to financial aid, what can you expect in the new normal?

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Show Notes For This Episode

While COVID-19 took over the end of this past school year, what should we expect come the fall?  The spring brought distance learning for students all across the country, but we don’t really know how everything will move forward in the college world next semester.

What will the impact of the shutdown do to standardized tests?

Prior to COVID-19, the ACT and SAT and GPA were a big part of your college application. Also considered were your extracurriculars and volunteer work. Success is going to be measured by what you’re willing to do that the other student isn’t. Right now, it might be harder to stand out, but going the extra mile will make a difference in your applications.

A student’s audition for college is three years long–freshman, sophomore, and junior year of high school. Losing almost half of the school year this past spring could be detrimental to that audition. Consider what it is that schools are looking at and if you even qualify for your dream school.

What happens as college costs rise, especially if they lose revenue from certain sports and activities that can’t happen due to COVID?

Are your finances in line? Do you have a thorough understanding of what a financial aid packet entails? Working with a college funding specialist could make a significant difference in savings each year.

Listen to the full episode or click on the timestamps below to hear more about a specific new reality we may be facing.

1:18 – What does the new normal look like?

4:23 – Many students are now choosing to stay closer to home.

5:21 – Prior to COVID-19, what are some of the main characteristics looked at in a college application?

7:40 – Make sure students have the proper resume.

9:51 – How long is a student’s audition for college?

11:42 – What does it look like if you don’t qualify for your dream school?

13:47 – What if there are no college sports due to COVID?

15:24 – It is more important than ever to get your finances right.

18:59 – Work with a college funding specialist to navigate the costs of college and review your 529 plan.

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