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What was freshman year like for one of our past students? How has COVID impacted her learning? We catch up with a current student to get a first-hand account of the new college experience.

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Show Notes For This Episode

Lane was a student in the program, so we wanted to check in with her to see how things all ended up this past year. She is attending the University of Georgia, a lifelong dream of hers. As a freshman, she’s been grateful to go and enjoyed her out-of-state experience so far.

From the first time Lane attended our round table discussions at the beginning of her senior year in high school, she’s been able to document what this past year has been. She started making a vlog, which included some of her last few days in high school, quarantine, and her beginning of college. Through that she’s learned more about herself, technology, and what she might want to do in the future. What started as a suggestion to journal became a new skill and creative outlet for Lane which motivated her to try new things.

What was most challenging for Lane as she transitioned into college? Because she wanted college to be a fresh start and in a new area, she chose to go to an out-of-state school. The first two weeks was full of energy and excitement, but it took some time to make deeper connections. Homesickness struck, but she was able to get through it and had her parents’ support since they had had similar experiences.

From an academic standpoint, online learning has been difficult. Without being in-person due to COVID, the connections perhaps otherwise made with professors were almost impossible for her to make. Hopefully in the future this will become easier once teaching can resume being face-to-face.

[0:44] – Let’s review the past year with our student guest, Lane.

[2:11] – What gives Lane her fearless approach?

[3:18] – What did Lane pick up from this process?

[5:50] – Why does Jeff recommend their students journal?

[8:25] – How did Lane pivot when COVID put an immediate halt to senior year?

[10:56] – What was the biggest challenge in transitioning from high school to college?

[14:47] – Homesickness is normal for students.

[15:25] – What were the academic challenges?

[19:23] – What would Lane tell another student about preparing for college?

Quotable Moment:

“It’s not just how good a student you are. You need to be well-rounded. You have to have a good social outlet, you need to be able to show your volunteerism, and how you’re contributing to the community.” – Jeff Walters