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From pivoting in 2020 to finding your calling, special guest Kristin Mitchell shares her story as a small business owner.

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Show Notes For This Episode

Kristin Mitchell, of the Art Box Ceramics and Canvas, talks with Jeff about her experience as a business owner. From paint-your-own pottery to classes to an outdoor pottery wheel throwing studio, she has managed to stay busy and adapt to the current circumstances.

2020 was the year of the pivot. How did she do it? What changed and what caused her business to succeed? Who are her primary customers? As ordinances have changed, they have had to recommit to their strategy.

Kristin always knew that art was her strength and wanted to pair her art with business. She went back and forth between business and art until she found her calling to open this studio. Along the way, she learned the difference between a job, a career, and a calling. What’s the difference? Which one are you working towards?

Her past experience and skills have varied, many of them later translating to what she needed to do as a business owner. She talked to others in the industry and filled notebooks with their advice. While she didn’t know exactly where she would end up, she knew it was important to understand both her skillset and areas where she was lacking.

She shares what her educational journey looked like. What kind of advice did she get from her guidance counselors? How did class size impact her education? Where did she find the most success and how did her perspective change? How did she decide what to focus on in college? What would she say to her 18-year-old self?

Listen to the entire episode or click on the timestamps below to skip ahead to a particular section.

[1:02] – Let’s introduce today’s special guest and small business owner.

[2:36] – What does the business do?

[3:16] – How has her business pivoted during the pandemic?

[4:56] – What have been the biggest challenges and biggest rewards?

[7:36] – What is the dream for the business?

[10:35] – How have her varied work experiences lead to today?

[14:14] – What’s the word of the year?

[15:51] – What was Kristin’s educational experience?

[20:44] – What advice would Kristin give her 18-year-old self?

[22:08] – Why didn’t Kristin go to art school?

Quotable Moment:

“Life is not always going to be fair. It’s going to kick you down and it’s going to knock you down, but you just keep getting back up and pushing forward.” – Jeff Walters