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What kinds of questions do students often ask as they apply for colleges? What do you need to know ahead of time? Join us as we discuss the different questions that typically arise and how students should approach the process.

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Show Notes For This Episode

When you are applying for college, what do you need to know? What kind of application questions will you encounter or how can you best prepare? On today’s episode of the podcast we discuss different questions that often come up and how we recommend students proceed.

The college essay is an important part of the application process. There may even be supplemental questions as well. How can you make sure you don’t get too overwhelmed with the process? How do you prioritize this among regular homework?

High school seniors aren’t the only ones facing a new dynamic as they prepare for college. High school juniors are also coming across challenges due to COVID as they try to build their resumes and fulfill volunteer hours. What kind of classes should you choosing in your final years of high school, AP or dual enrollment classes? What are some good courses to look into taking?

What does it look like to come to a small group? What sort of topics are discussed and how can it better help you prepare for college? What sort of activities occur in the program and how does it impact your resume? Are you aware of the resources available in high school? Are you connected with other students?

As we talk through these different questions, be it about the application itself or regarding FAFSA and scholarships, it’s important to have a plan and the right support to help you navigate this process.

Listen to the entire episode or click on the timestamps below to skip ahead to a particular question.

[0:40] – What’s going on with high school senior students right now?

[1:30] – What kind of questions are students asking about their college applications?

[3:01] – What is the common application? How should you use it?

[6:06] – What’s the difference between AP and dual enrollment classes?   

[10:27] – Are you putting too much pressure on yourself? 

[11:52] – What expenses will you have in college?

[18:24] – What are common questions related to FAFSA?

Quotable Moment:

The mental health of our students is very important. Have the conversation of, ‘Do you need to go to school closer to home because you’re stressed out? Is a school that’s farther away worth it?’”

-Shannon Panek