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Ep 7: How to Approach the College Process with Darren Rose

How can you better plan for college? How has COVID changed things when it comes to college for the upcoming college freshman and upcoming college senior? Darren Rose joins us today to discuss this process and help you get prepared during these unprecedented times.

Ep 5: Meet Our Newest Investment Advisor Joni Rametta

The Community Educational Funding team added a new member of the team and we wanted to introduce her to you. Today you’ll meet Joni Rametta, who has more than 30 years in financial planning and brings her own personal learning experiences to the college funding arena.

Ep 4: Choosing the Right College Major

This new normal for college planning will change a lot of the decisions you make and few will have the importance of picking the major you pursue. This choice will impact everything from which school you attend to what career path you follow, but student often go off to college without much consideration for their major. Today we’ll talk about what conversations you should be having and why this decision is so critical for your future.

Ep 1: Why The Business of College Funding?

We thought the best way to launch the new podcast would be to explain the mission behind the business. We’ve learned from personal experience that the list of challenges parents have to face when funding their child’s college tuition is lengthy. Today we’ll identifying the reasons why we’re in this business and how we hope to help you get through this major financial event.