ABC's of College Funding Podcast

The ABC’s of College Funding Podcast is where parents and students can get great information about planning for all the challenges of college.

From the FAFSA to test prep, and school loans to career choices, hosts Jeff Walters and Shannon Panek will lead you through the conversation on each episode.

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Show Hosts

Jeff Walters

Jeff Walters is the Founder and CEO of Community Educational Funding, Inc. Community Educational Funding was founded with the mission to educate, prepare, and supply our families with the information and tools for a successful transition into the college journey. Jeff has been a financial advisor for over 32 years and through his experience putting his own children through college, he realized that there are flaws in the system. After going through a divorce, Jeff began to change his practice to focus not only on financial consulting for the best ways to pay for college, but incorporating the students to better prepare them for the college process. Jeff’s two tier approach to the college process involves the family as a whole to alleviate the stressors of college planning.

Shannon Panek

Shannon Panek is the co-host of ABC’s of College Funding and the Director of Business Development for Community Educational Funding, Inc. Shannon is a graduate of East Carolina University where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Risk Management & Insurance. She shares her personal college journey with parents and students as the services offered through Community Educational Funding were not taken advantage of when her family was planning for college. Shannon values the importance of having a professional walk along-side the family during the college process and has made it her life long mission to educate other families on the college journey.

Show Notes & Resources

Ep 13: What Do Your Taxes, FAFSA, and Retirement Savings Have In Common?

Do you have all your ducks in a row when it comes to securing college funding? How can you leverage your investments?

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Ep 12: Freshman Year Experience with Student Guest Lane

What was freshman year like for one of our past students? How has COVID impacted her learning? We catch up with a current student to get a first-hand account...

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Ep 11: Finding Your Calling With Kristin Mitchell of Art Box Studio

From pivoting in 2020 to finding your calling, special guest Kristin Mitchell shares her story as a small business owner.

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